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Wit Clash

Simple goal. Unexpected outcomes.

A tile based strategy game.

Game summary

Radical Innovation in Game Mechanics + Portability. Compact. Sturdy. Minimalist. 1-4 players. Setup: 1min 

How to Play

A step by step guide.

About the game


An abstract, strategy board game. Simple goal, unexpected outcomes. Portable, weatherproof, sturdy. Players: 1-4. Age: 14+. Setup: 1min. Session: 15-60min.

WitClash™ is a tile based strategy game with the goal of completing, on your tray, a 3 x 3 grid of 9 different colored Asset Tiles. Through the black Action Tiles players will perform actions such as swap, lock, peek, delay, steal, undo or shield from opponents until victory. These offensive and defensive actions can draw the goal closer or backfire.

What's our plan?

To launch this project soon on Kickstarter. We will continue to spread the word by explaining the game and listening to our followers. Through this input we will tweak the design and improve game mechanics. Please subscribe to stay updated.

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Miami, Florida, United States